The Different Aspect of the Coin

I’m a fantastic lover of fact and luxuriate in exploring new and revolutionary views and rising ideas, nevertheless, I’m listening to the identical aspect of the coin being expressed again and again today.

This reoccurring theme comes from many nice researchers and whistle-blowers who’re doing the thankless, and typically life-jeopardizing, job of showing the reality behind the nefarious agendas of the global-powers-that-be, and with out query, it’s one that should come out to the mass stage of our collective consciousness in an effort to pave the way in which for true and lasting change Cheap FUT Coins.

Whether or not it’s the US authorities, company greed dominated by secret cabals, non secular dogma and even the true ‘again story’ of the Annunaki, and/or Reptilian races which can be holding us prisoners on our personal planet; it is the identical outdated story expressed as humanity being the victims within the fear-based management paradigm. And, it all the time consists of inside it an underlying message of resistance, which is one other type of expression for the dualistic psychological mind combating yet one more struggle that it can not win.

Whereas I imagine it’s of tantamount significance to grasp our true historical past in order that we will higher navigate our solution to the long run, and never the least of which to get up to the current, there may be the elusive aspect of one thing a lot greater right here that many are lacking; and that’s seeing this drama we have known as life on Planet Earth from the opposite aspect of the coin.

Allow me some latitude whereas I pose my very own reoccurring principle, and that’s this query; what if it actually is not the human race that’s being held captive on our personal planet, used as slaves and sacrificed in ritualistic struggle video games, however prepared co-creators? I imagine that we’re as a lot the lecturers within the sport, as we’re the scholars, and far much less the prisoners most at the moment understand.

From the ‘Trainer’s Function’ perspective, I imagine that Humanity is definitely educating these ruthless, but extremely developed beings, some crucial classes of their very own…and that’s to evolve from their present have to feed off of the power of our concern, into waking their very own hearts to like. And, simply what if, from their perspective, and regardless of their ultimate and determined makes an attempt to take care of their management over us with their fear-producing techniques, as they watch us wake to our personal true divinity, that their very own Hearts are additionally woke up within the course of?

From the ‘Pupil’s Function’ perspective, I imagine that we now have agreed to play the sufferer’s function via probably the most excessive of circumstances in an effort to wake ourselves from the deep sleep we have fallen into, for a lot of millennia. And the sport turns into satirically apparent once you begin to acknowledge the clues, as the reality is all the time hidden in plain sight, you simply must be paying consideration in an effort to see it. I additionally imagine that the principles of the sport require the reality to be revealed earlier than we now have to make our selection, so we have all the time had the chance and benefit on our aspect, nevertheless we have continued to play the sport and be servants to our masters till the time was proper, and that point is now.

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